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What is Smbus: That can be said an interface which produces to move a small data on 
computer. Most of the time due to the absence of the driver is a driver which is wondered. To 
follow below steps to learn to download Smbus driver and how to install on computer after 

You search make and model of your computer though Google more times to install driver 
which is called Smbus Controller or as a result of searching make and model of your 
computer though producing company of your computer is installed all drivers which you have 
drivers of your model and I think that this writing can be solved your problem about installing 
this drivers

You loaded all drivers but if there is yellow exclamation point or question mark on device 
manager, you follow below steps. 

Finding, download and install to Smbus controller:

Firstly, you install driver on your computer which is called Chipset and install as compressed 
and direct packet. But you install by making sure where downloaded package is opened.

Or if program downloaded as Rar, you open Rar files in new folder on desktop. And, you 
install Chipset by using setup file in folder.

If problem does not solve still, generally, you must install these driver manually to solve this 
problem intel processor encountered in.

  • Open start menu, right click to my computer and enter properties. Click device manager where is rightcorner.
  • Right click uninstalled Smbus on others drivers( unknown drivers) in opened window and enter to properties.
  • Click update driver in general section.
  • Enter scan my computer for driver software on opened window.
  • Click let me choose from a list of device drivers on my computer.
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SMBus Setup
  • Marked to show all drivers and click next to change anything.
  • Let’s say there is disk
  • To find and open from copied files for Chipset setup file or Rar file from the pop-up 
  • window.
  • On this screen usually Intel Chipset Driver in the directory you downloaded the operating system according to the type, i am going into WIN7 folder because i am using Windows7 which one if you have these folders and enter and any of the files located within files by selecting let’s click OK. And again OK. Intel(R) 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family SMBus Host Controller – 1E22 will appear the style may not be the same. Click Next and let’s finish the installation.
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